5 Reasons to Consider Chiropractic Care Even if Nothing Hurts

Whether you struggle with a chronic condition that causes pain, like arthritis, throw your back out suddenly, or undergo surgery such as knee replacement, one type of noninvasive, gentle therapy can make a dramatic difference — chiropractic care. 

Your musculoskeletal and nervous systems are what your chiropractor treats, but the effects of treatment greatly benefit your overall health. This is why about 35 million Americans receive chiropractic care yearly

The chiropractic expertise of Dr. Jacob Holdren keeps patients returning to the Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center. Most people associate chiropractic care with specific problems like back pain and migraines, but it’s also a great form of self-care even if you’re pain-free. 

The basics of chiropractic care

There are five main types of chiropractic care that our team practices:

The Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center team is highly trained in each of these specialized treatment methods. We’re dedicated to determining which treatment or treatment combination is best for your particular problems.

Is chiropractic care important even if I have no pain?

It may seem counterintuitive, but we often advise getting chiropractic care even if you aren’t in pain. Why? Because it’s also a highly effective preventive modality, and if you can nip a problem in the bud and avoid it entirely, you save yourself significant pain and suffering down the road.

Here are five reasons to consider chiropractic treatment, even if you don’t suffer discomfort right now.

1. Osteoporosis is often referred to as a “silent disease.” You don’t actually feel your bones weakening, and many don’t get a diagnosis until they suffer some type of fracture. 

Chiropractic care for osteoporosis includes spinal adjustments and other rehabilitative methods that help up your activity level, improve your range of motion, and lower your risk for fracture. 

2. We all use our smartphones throughout the day (and night), and simply assuming the position that’s typical when you view your screen has a deleterious effect on your posture, and could cause pain later on. We can treat your “text neck” so you stand straighter and reduce your chances of future injury.

3. There’s not a person on earth who doesn’t face stress-related anxiety from work, relationships, and all kinds of pressures — both predictable and unexpected. It’s well documented that stress is linked to certain serious illnesses, too.  

We employ chiropractic treatments to aid your nervous system, reduce stress, improve your blood circulation, relax your muscles, and address alignment problems. 

4. Even though half of all pregnant women suffer some type of back pain during pregnancy, we can help you even if you’re part of the lucky, pain-free half. If you’re pregnant, our chiropractic care helps you even if you don’t have pain

We ensure your pelvis is balanced throughout your pregnancy, which lowers your baby’s chances of being born in a breech position. Studies have also shown that routine chiropractic care is linked to less nausea throughout pregnancy and shorter labor time during your baby’s birth.

5. Head off back pain with preventive chiropractic care. Back pain is ubiquitous, and will plague a whopping 80% of people at some point. We consider your spine’s condition to be pivotal to your overall health, both now and in the future.

Since back pain can snowball and affect other parts of your body, seeing us now is one of the most significant ways you can kick future discomfort to the curb.

Chiropractic care addresses the whole patient

When we design a personalized chiropractic care plan for you, we take into account your medical history, current lifestyle, and many other factors. We talk with you about nutrition, exercise, posture correction, and many other things that enhance your well-being.

We’re creative as we consider your care as well, and we encourage a team approach so we work toward optimizing your health together

Learn how chiropractic care can help you, even if you’re feeling no pain

We’re eager to discuss the many ways our innovative chiropractic care can help you, now and in the future. Call our office at 719-873-8846 or contact us via our website to schedule an appointment.

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