Common Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

The movies would have you believe that intimacy between a couple is effortlessly spontaneous, full of romance, and never awkward. Real life, however, doesn’t work that way. We live with stressors, moods, and external forces that all contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Men are most often affected by erectile dysfunction (ED), or the inability to get and keep an erection, while women face vaginal dryness, low libido, and inability to achieve orgasm. Dr. Steven Foley and Dr. Jacob Holdren, DC have helped many patients struggling with sexual dysfunction.

We encourage patients whose relationships are suffering to reject any embarrassment or shame, and learn about our intimacy-restoring treatments.  

Frequent causes of sexual dysfunction 

A challenging aspect of sexual dysfunction in men and women is that its causes are rarely cut-and-dried. Your sex drive and ability to follow through with intercourse in a way that’s comfortable for both you and your partner is related to many factors.

Common culprits that lead to these issues include:


The more trips around the sun a man takes, the more difficult it typically is to get a lasting erection, and menopausal women are more affected by problems with vaginal dryness.

Hormonal imbalances

Your body’s endocrine system allows your glands to produce many hormones that keep your body’s systems humming along. If too many or too few hormones are produced, problems occur that can impact your intimacy.


Everything from over-the counter allergy medications to prescription antidepressants and high blood pressure medicines are linked to problems with ejacualtion and ED, as well as low libido.

Chronic conditions

Diabetes is linked to low libido, orgasm problems, and lubrication challenges for women, while it leads to ED and low testosterone in men. Other conditions that are problematic for both men and women include cardiovascular disease and neurological conditions.

Emotional and mental health issues

Living with an anxiety disorder or depression may impact you sexually, as do the attitudes that you were raised with about sex. Trauma, especially related to sexual abuse, also contributes to intimacy problems.

Is there an ED solution that actually works?

There are many products, treatments, and claims out there that promise instant success in the bedroom, and most simply don’t deliver. Dr. Foley and Dr. Holdren assess your  health and lifestyle, and make recommendations that can help, but we’re also passionate about the power of regenerative medicine

This modality partners with your body’s own healing capabilities to treat ED, which may be creating a wedge between you and your partner. The advanced treatment we offer is the Erectile Dysfunction Shot — ED Shot for short — and the injection contains neither man-made medicine nor natural agents harvested from the earth. 

Your provider actually injects your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into your penis via a painless procedure (thanks to a numbing agent applied at your injection site). The ED Shot gives you the ability to sustain a stronger erection for longer. 

We harvest a blood sample from your arm and process it in a device called a centrifuge. The fluid that’s produced is composed of your blood’s superstars, its platelets. They’re filled with growth factor proteins that are pivotal to tissue growth and healing.

When we reinject this “liquid gold,” it gets to work improving blood flow to your penis and even enlarging it, while also enhnacing your sensitivity and pleasure during sex. Erections happen more quickly and easily and last longer, all pluses for you and your partner. 

What about sexual dysfunction in women?

Fortunately, we offer an equally advanced treatment option for women who experience obstacles to intimacy with their partners that prevent them from getting “in the mood,”  enjoying comfortable sexual encounters, and having orgasms.

It’s simplistic to say that our treatment for women’s sexual dysfunction is the “female version” of the ED Shot, but it uses a similar regenerative medicine technique.

The V-Shot for women harnesses your platelet-rich plasma’s enhanced tissue production capabilities to rejuvenate your vaginal and clitoral tissue. This enables your vagina to become naturally lubricated, so sex is comfortable and enjoyable again. As with the ED Shot, we numb your injection site so you feel no pain during the procedure. 

A bonus that accompanies V-Shot treatments is the relief they provide to both urge incontinence and stress incontinence sufferers. Activities that put pressure on your bladder like laughing and sneezing, cause stress incontinence, while urge incontinence comes on suddenly. 

The V-Shot maximizes pleasure but with no price to pay in terms of treatment side effects or post-treatment downtime.

These innovative treatments, along with weight loss strategies and aesthetic treatments that help you feel better about yourself, treatments for libido-lowering problems like pain and hormonal issues, and lifestyle advice have provided help and hope for couples grappling with intimacy issues.  

Call the Regenerative Health and Wellness Medical Center office closest to you to schedule a consultation, or book one online.

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