How Regenerative Medicine Therapy Offers Women Hormone-Free Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

Women give so much to everyone around them — their partners, children, friends, workmates, and communities. 

Sometimes the pace of life leaves little time for intimacy with your partner, and when the time presents itself, what if you simply can’t get aroused or reach the point of orgasm? Or what if vaginal dryness has made sex just too painful to enjoy anymore?

One of the things the Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center team hears often is that women think few others are experiencing this. That’s untrue.

Dr. Jacob Holdren and Dr. Steven Foley are happy to offer a range of regenerative medicine modalities for patients of all ages who experience varied health challenges, but one of the most exciting treatments helps women with sexual dysfunction.

The many causes of sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction arises from a complex intermingling of thoughts and attitudes, physiological conditions, and relationship dynamics. Early childhood or adult trauma, your physical and mental health, stress, hormonal fluctuations, and age can all factor into your ability (or inability) to experience and enjoy a satisfying sexual encounter. 

Even though your lack of desire or failed attempts at intimacy may seem overwhelming at times,  don’t lose hope. Dr. Foley and Dr. Holdren help many women regain their sexual desire and satisfaction.

How regenerative medicine helps treat female sexual dysfunction

Regenerative medicine is an innovative and exciting field based on therapeutic treatments that tap into your body’s own self-healing ability. 

We offer a highly effective treatment for women called the V-ShotⓇ, which uses regenerative platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to revive your vaginal tissues and lead to more desire and satisfying intimate times with your partner. The V-Shot comes with significant benefits:

Local anesthesia during the brief procedure ensures your comfort, and we hear from patients often that they feel a difference very quickly.

What happens when I get a V-Shot treatment?

When you come to visit us at the Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center, we take a small blood sample from you and place it in a device that spins it called a centrifuge. This process separates your blood’s platelets and plasma from the rest of your blood.

We then reinject the mixture, which is abundant with platelets, back into your vaginal area. This part of the procedure is painless because we numb you with local anesthetic beforehand. 

There’s no downtime after the procedure and you can return to whatever duties and activities await you afterward. 

Exactly how does the V-Shot work?

The V-Shot actually rejuvenates your vagina and clitoris, which reawakens your orgasmic response. We’re happy to report that many of our patients tell us their intimate lives have dramatically improved. 

Don’t suffer for one more day with sexual dysfunction

Imagine being able to feel more sexual and enjoy sex again. Call our office at 719-873-8846 to learn more about how the V-Shot can help you. 

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