How Sexual Dysfunction Can Impact Your Mental Health

How Sexual Dysfunction Can Impact Your Mental Health

Thanks to fairy tales and movies, many of us believe that romance is forever magical and that sex happens spontaneously, naturally, and often. In real life, however, certain obstacles to sexual enjoyment crop up and can seem insurmountable. 

Sexual dysfunction affects most individuals at some point or another. It’s also natural to feel like you may be the only one having this problem., but you’re not alone — 43% of women experience a degree of dysfunction, along with 31% of men. 

Sexual health is an area of treatment that Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center addresses in multiple ways. Dr. Jacob Holdren and Dr. Steven Foley provide diverse integrative  services to patients, and if you and your partner are suffering because of sexual dysfunction, we can help bring the spark back. 

How is sexual dysfunction defined?

Sexual dysfunction is any problem that interferes with your enjoyment of sex, but these challenges fall into four broad categories:

Sex isn’t just about physiological actions and reactions, though. A complex combination of emotional realities also surround the ability to have satisfying sex, such as the attitudes about sex that you were raised with, your self-esteem, and the trust you share with your partner.

Men’s chief sexual dysfunction complaint is erectile dysfunction, but penis shape and size can cause feelings of insecurity, too, while women, especially after menopause, suffer from vaginal dryness that makes sex hurt or hinders the achievement of an orgasm. 

Both men and women can experience low libido for a variety of reasons, including, stress, lack of high-quality rest (another menopausal problem), and hormonal imbalance. 

Can sexual dysfunction affect my mental health?

It sure can! If you’ve enjoyed a satisfying intimate relationship with your significant other and it comes to a screeching halt, you’re likely to feel:

A combination of any of these feelings is hard to bear, and the longer problems go on, the worse it’s likely to get. 

The connection between sexual dysfunction and mental health goes both ways, too. Having problems in the bedroom can lead to feeling anxious about intimacy and depression, but the reverse is also true. Studies have shown that mental health conditions, such as depression, also contribute to sexual dysfunction. 

My partner and I aren’t in a good place with our sex life; do you have solutions?

Absolutely. Our integrative approach means that we look at you as a multi-dimensional person whose physical and emotional condition is ever-changing. 

We want to hear everything from your physical symptoms to how long you’ve been dealing with the challenge and its effect on you. When there’s a sexual chasm between you and your partner, we take creating your treatment plan seriously. Treatments we offer include:

1. The Erectile Dysfunction Shot (ED Shot)

We harness your body’s healing power to restore your ability to get and maintain erections by taking a sample of your blood, spinning it in a centrifuge, and reinjecting it — painlessly, thanks to a topical numbing agent and very fine needle — back into your penis to fuel reinvigoration and cell growth. 

Men also report having longer-lasting erections more often, better circulation, an increase in the size of their penis, and overall better satisfaction. 

2. The V-Shot 

This is like the female version of the ED Shot in that it’s a regenerative treatment administered in a similar way. The V-Shot growth factors rejuvenate your vaginal and clitroral tissue, allowing you to become aroused more easily, without vaginal dryness. Orgasms happen more often, too.

The V-Shot also curbs urinary incontinence, a problem for many women. 

3. Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT)

Men’s and women’s hormones fluctuate with age, leading to libido problems for both, dryness problems for women, and ED for men. Both genders can also suffer from mood swings, which include everything from feeling easily aggravated to feeling depressed and lethargic.

BHRT brings you back to equilibrium, hormonally. After numbing you, your doctor places a minute pellet containing customized hormones under your skin in your upper hip or buttocks. The pellets release hormones as needed over the course of several months. 

4. Treatments that improve self-esteem

How you feel about yourself impacts your sex life. We offer aesthetic treatments that renew your skin, as well medically supervised weight loss programs so you can look and feel your best. 

If your sex life is suffering, call either our Holly or Colorado Springs office, or contact us online. We serve residents of both southeast Colorado and southwest Kansas. 

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