Look as Young as You Feel With BOTOX®

The good news is that the longer you live, the wiser you get. The bad news? That living — like talking and laughing — shows up on your skin in the form of fine lines and deeper creases.

There’s more good news in store for you, though, because the team at the Regenerative Health & Wellness Center offers a wide range of treatments that erase the years and make you feel and look fantastic. Dr. Steven Foley and Dr. Jacob Holdren have decades of combined experience in providing diverse treatments that rejuvenate you inside and out.

A popular procedure that our patients consistently praise is Botox, a tried-and-true skin smoother that offers advantages that others don’t. 

Where does Botox come from?

You might know that Botox is actually made from a toxin that causes severe illness when ingested or if it enters a wound. Amazingly, when administered to the skin in purified and controlled, minute amounts, it works miracles on facial lines and wrinkles.

How and why does Botox work to smooth my face?

The toxin that Botox originates from is a paralyzing agent, and that’s what makes it work on your face. Botox is administered via injection, and once injected, it causes temporary facial muscle paralysis by blocking the “instructions” that your nerves send to your muscles to move. 

The paralysis caused by the injection means that the specific facial muscles where you received the treatment are temporarily unable to make the repetitive movements that cause the wrinkling linked to making certain facial expressions like frowning and furrowing your brow. 

When this movement stops, your facial creases are markedly minimized or disappear altogether.

Botox’s many benefits

Botox’s popularity has everything to do with the many patient-friendly advantages it offers:

Another significant plus with Botox is that it addresses multiple issues, including lines that emanate from your lips, the vertical “11” lines that develop between your eyebrows, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. 

Bear in mind that Botox is specifically used for these “dynamic” wrinkles, or ones that are caused by facial movement, not those caused by a loss of fullness over time or gravity. 

Treatment is only required every several months, so you’re not spending lots of time in the doctor’s office. We love to see you, but we know you’re busy!

Check out Botox today

You may very well be a Botox candidate. Call our office at 719-873-8846  to book an appointment, and you’ll be well on your way to feeling more confident about your appearance.



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