Myths and Facts About Hormone Replacement Therapy That Every Woman Should Know

Most of your body’s important functions are controlled by hormones. For women, hormone imbalances can cause troublesome symptoms such as irregular periods, hair loss, weight gain, and insomnia. These imbalances can be caused by medical conditions, side effects of medications, or simply as a result of the aging process.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an easy and safe way to restore your body’s hormone levels and alleviate your symptoms. You may be confused by the things you have heard about HRT. We help you by separating the myths from the facts, and assist you in determining if this treatment is right for you.

Our staff at Regenerative Health and Wellness Center is highly experienced in treating hormone imbalances. In addition to taking a detailed medical history, we ask you about the symptoms you are currently experiencing. We then take a small blood sample for laboratory analysis to know for sure if you have a hormone imbalance, and help you understand your treatment options. 

Here are some common myths about hormone replacement therapy and some important facts to refute them. 


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not safe.


Hormone replacement therapy is a safe and convenient way to restore hormone levels that are out of balance. In the early years after HRT was developed, doses were not carefully tailored to each individual’s needs, and some patients had adverse reactions. 

At Regenerative Health and Wellness Center, we take a careful look at your medical history and your symptoms, and prescribe the exact dose of HRT that is right for you.


Hormone replacement therapy involves a complicated combination of pills that you have to take every day at the exact same time. 


There are a number of treatment options for taking hormones, such as creams, pills, shots, skin patches, or as a pellet inserted under the skin. This pellet contains a dosage of hormones that our staff customizes to your needs, and it gradually releases the correct levels of hormones. We recommend this option, because it is the easiest way to take hormones, and there’s no chance you can forget to take your daily dose. 


Synthetic hormones work better.


Hormones are available in synthetic versions that have been created in a laboratory setting. We prefer to provide our patients with bioidentical hormones that are derived from natural plant sources. These bioidentical hormones are a chemical match with the hormones that your body produces naturally and will function perfectly in your body.


Hormone replacement therapy causes cancer.


A 2002 study about hormone replacement therapy showed a link between Prempro, a vaginal cream, and an increased incidence of breast cancer in women taking the drug. However, these results have not been reproduced using other forms of hormone replacement therapy. Another prominent study found a decreased risk of breast cancer with the use of hormone replacement therapy. 

All drugs have some risks, and our staff at Regenerative Health and Wellness Center discusses with you the benefits and risks of all treatment options. We help you find a treatment that fits your health condition and your needs that also minimizes side effects and risks.

Hormones are essential for your body’s proper functioning. An imbalance can cause a number of symptoms that can significantly disrupt your life. Hormone replacement therapy is a safe and convenient option to restore your hormone levels and give you your life back. Call or click today to set up an appointment at Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center. 

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