The Health and Cosmetic Benefits of PRP

The Health and Cosmetic Benefits of PRP

What if your own body’s natural capabilities could be used to hasten healing by advancing tissue repair and even make you look better? A range of therapeutic treatments fall under the umbrella of regenerative medicine, which capitalizes on these powers held within us.

One regenerative medicine treatment that relieves pain, restores tissues, and can even improve your love life is platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP. Dr. Jacob Holdren and Dr. Steven Foley specialize in the power and promise of this emerging field of medicine, which is why they founded the Regenerative Health & Wellness Center.  

What is platelet rich plasma and how is it harvested?

First, a primer on the components of your blood, which collectively form plasma. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets combine to carry oxygen from your lungs to many locations throughout your body, fight infection, and give you the ability to stop bleeding if you’re injured, respectively. 

Platelets hold hundreds of growth factor proteins that are key to healing. They enable your blood to form clots, so they’re your body’s original “damage fixers,” and their healing power is strong.

PRP treatment is highly targeted because it’s injected directly into your treatment area shortly after a blood sample is taken from you. After taking the blood, we place the sample in a device called a centrifuge that spins it, separating out the plasma so that after the process is complete, the plasma is highly concentrated. 

How can PRP treatments enhance my health and wellbeing?

Since the hyper-concentrated plasma that’s made during a PRP therapy session is so supercharged with healing qualities, it becomes a powerful healing agent when injected into any  damaged, painful, or diseased area of your body. By stimulating cell growth and division, you experience the miracle of tissue regeneration and repair.

PRP treatments can: 

PRP may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. 

We’ve found this treatment to be equally successful in addressing chronic pain and limited mobility, as well as rekindling romance and giving your skin the dewy appearance only a mega-dose of collagen can (the protein that gives makes your skin resilient). This diverse array of benefits is what consistently impresses our patients.

PRP offers variety of freedoms

Truly innovative, PRP treatments can sometimes supplant the need for surgery, and there’s no post-treatment downtime, so your life continues — uninterrupted. 

The potential for growth and discovering additional applications for PRP therapy is huge, which means that our patients’ futures get brighter every day. 

Call either our Holly or Colorado Springs office to learn more about the remarkable platelet-rich plasma regenerative treatments, or schedule an appointment through our website.

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