What Regenerative Medicine Can Do for You

What Regenerative Medicine Can Do for You

Harnessing your body’s own healing powers to improve your health and treat conditions is not just a concept from a futuristic movie — it’s a reality now, thanks to an innovative field called regenerative medicine. 

Regenerative medicine helps patients heal when certain body parts degenerate, such as with osteoarthritis, for example. 

Dr. Steven Foley and Dr. Jacob Holdren at Regenerative Health & Wellness Center promote the healing power of regenerative medicine because they see its success daily with their patients. 

When you visit us for regenerative treatment, we carefully evaluate your condition to determine whether you’re a good candidate and listen to any concerns or questions you might have about the procedure we recommend. 

Regenerative treatment’s principles and evolution

Researchers started seriously considering regenerative medicine’s benefits in the 1990s when tissue engineering was increasingly recognized for skin grafting and stem cell research. 

These treatments can revitalize or repair organs and tissues that have sustained damage due to injury, disease, or degeneration. This was an exciting new alternative to surgery and medications. 

Your body regenerates in three ways:

  1. Your cells naturally grow and reproduce continuously
  2. Your body’s building blocks (cells, molecules, fats, carbohydrates, and DNA) regenerate
  3. Blood, bone, skin, and muscle tissue regenerate

Your own stem cells and blood plasma are the key ingredients in your healing when you receive regenerative treatment.

How our regenerative treatments can help you

We offer mesenchymal stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. 

PRP treatments use your plasma, which contains red and white blood cells, and platelets, are packed with proteins known as growth factors and are key to your body’s ability to heal. Treatments uniquely and powerfully fuel the repair, regeneration, and strengthening of your damaged tissue. 

PRP has diverse uses, including:

PRP can minimize pain, increase mobility, improve aesthetics, and enhance your relationship with your partner — not bad for a single-treatment approach.

Similarly, stem cells can help greatly with chronic pain problems, whether you have an injury, a degenerative condition, or neuropathy, and many areas of your body can be treated, from your back to your joints. 

The amazing thing about your stem cells is that they can shapeshift and become whatever type of cell you need, whether for organs like your liver or skin or muscle cells and blood cells. Their job in your body is that of a fixer, always rebuilding and mending. 

What is regenerative treatment like?

Some patients describe regenerative treatment as comfortable and even spa-like. That’s because after we draw just a bit of blood for PRP treatment, you can relax while it’s spun in our centrifuge. Once that’s done, we reinject this “liquid gold” into your treatment area so growth factors can get to work and repair can begin. It may take several weeks to sense a noticeable change, but you will feel it.

With stem cell treatment, we inject you with mesenchymal stem cells from healthy donor umbilical cord tissue. 

Regenerative medicine has taken the healthcare world by storm, and for good reason. Treatments are natural, noninvasive, and effective. 

If you think regenerative therapies could help heal your injury or relieve your condition, call us at either our Holly or Colorado Springs office or reach out to us through our website to book an appointment.

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