Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Talk About Sexual Dysfunction

Even though it’s 2021, talking about sex still makes many people blush. The topic that makes many the most uncomfortable? Sexual dysfunction.

Typically we think: I’m the only one dealing with this problem. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost one-third of men have some sort of problem associated with sex — whether libido or performance-related, while 43% of women deal with these challenges.

Dr. Steven Foley and Dr. Jacob Holdren of the Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center help adults with diverse sexual dysfunction problems every day. We offer innovative treatments that help both men and women regain their desire and ability to have and enjoy sex, and deliver care with sensitivity. 

Sex is complicated

Having a satisfying intimate life is complex, because both our brains and bodies are involved in desire and intimacy. That’s why our treatments at Regenerative Health and Wellness address both issues related to sexual dysfunction:

  1.  Self-esteem

Feeling attractive and confident about how you look is a key to being able to get close with your partner. That’s why we offer aesthetics treatments and medical weight loss services to our patients. 

When you take great care of yourself and rejuvenate your body with a healthy supervised diet and exercise routine, augmented by helpful products like weight loss medications and one-on-one customized nutritional counseling, your vitality and ability to get frisky goes through the roof!  

Collagen is essential to a youthful look because it’s what keeps your skin resilient and supple, but your supply decreases the older you get, and facial lines, sags, and droops happen. 

To subtract the years on your face, we offer Botox™ treatments, dermal fillers, and platelet-rich plasma treatments, which use your body’s own reconstituted blood platelets to fuel collagen production after they’re reinjected.

If you look and feel more dynamic and attractive, we guarantee that getting in the mood will be easier. 

  2.  Erectile dysfunction

Being unable to get or maintain an erection is a highly common condition that affects over half of men, according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can leave a man feeling inadequate and cause tension in his relationship.

Fortunately, we offer a minimally invasive treatment for ED that works.

The Erectile Dysfunction (ED)-Shot is a type of regenerative medicine, or an injection of your own platelet-rich plasma that capitalizes on the power of your body’s own ability to heal and strengthen itself. 

We take a small blood sample from you, spin it in a device called a centrifuge, and reinject the enriched plasma back into your penis, using anesthetic so you’re comfortable. 

The treatment’s rejuvenative effects make your erections more frequent, stronger, and lasting. Our patients also report penile growth, improved circulation, and even better sensation during sex.  

  3.  Vaginal dryness and lack of desire in women

Women often suffer from either lack of desire or pain during sex, which is usually due to vaginal thinness and dryness fueled by menopause. 

Similar to the ED-Shot, we offer the minimally invasive V-Shot for women, which uses the same platelet-rich plasma injection approach, except we reinject the serum into your vaginal or clitoral tissue. We number your tissue prior to treatment for your comfort. 

This treatment signficiantly increases your ability to reach orgasm and enjoy sex because your tissue is revitalized. The V-Shot also alleviates vaginal dryness, which makes sex painful. It can also help with two other common women’s conditions, urge urinary incontinence and stress urinary incontinence. 

Another treatment we offer that strengthens and lubricates thin vaginal tissue is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Hormonal imbalances definitely affect both men’s and women’s libidos, and BHRT is a safe treatment for these issues. 

The hormones are plant-based and identical to your own estrogen and testosterone. In addition to helping women with lack of lubrication, BHRT can — whether you’re a man or a woman:

When you receive BHRT treatment, we numb a small area in your buttocks or upper hip area so that we can insert a hormone pellet under your skin. This appointment typically takes half-an-hour or less, and the pellets gradually and consistently release hormones into your system to keep you balanced. 

You can feel results quickly with BHRT, usually in just a matter of a few days. The pellets work for a period of months, and it’s easy for your doctor to customize your treatment. 

Don’t suffer with a lackluster sex life one more day. You and your partner deserve better.

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