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If pain relief treatments haven’t worked and you’d like to avoid surgery, regenerative medicine is an alternative that may finally provide the relief you’ve been seeking. The providers at Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center in Holly, Colorado, serve patients in southeast Colorado as well as southwest Kansas, and they have found regenerative medicine beneficial for sufferers of arthritis pain, muscle and nerve injuries, and beyond. Find out if you’re a candidate by calling today or booking a consultation online.

Regenerative Medicine Q & A

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine includes specialized therapies that use the power of your body’s natural healing factors to help regenerate your own tissues.

Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center offers regenerative medicine for restorative healing purposes. Regenerative medicine helps to repair and restore damaged or injured areas of your body — without the need for surgery.  

The therapies rely on your own plasma and regenerative mesenchymal stem cells. Once injected into your body, these powerful fluids and cells begin to work, triggering your body’s natural ability to regenerate. Over the following few weeks, cells grow and divide, forming new tissues.

The providers at Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center specialize in several regenerative medicine techniques, including mesenchymal stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

What is platelet-rich plasma therapy?

PRP uses the natural healing properties of your own blood to stimulate tissue regeneration. A revolutionary procedure, PRP may be used to:

  • Repair tissue
  • Regenerate tissue
  • Enhance tissue

PRP is a super-charged concentrate comprised of your blood. Your blood is largely made up of a liquid called plasma, which consists of:

  • Red cells
  • White cells
  • Platelets

Platelets contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors. These growth factors play a crucial role in the body’s natural healing process.

What does platelet-rich plasma treat?

Regenerative medicine with platelet-rich plasma is beneficial for many kinds of tissue-related or bone problems. Your provider at Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center often recommends the injections for:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendon injuries
  • Muscle injuries
  • Nerve injuries and damage
  • Sexual dysfunction

Your provider also recommends PRP treatment to manage pain and improve the appearance of your skin by helping to address:

  • Scar tissue
  • Non-healing wounds

Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center also uses regenerative medicine with PRP to rejuvenate the look of aging skin.

What happens during regenerative medicine therapy?

The process varies depending on whether your treatment is with platelet-rich plasma or mesenchymal stem cells. For PRP, your provider draws a small amount of blood, then places the blood into a centrifuge.  

The centrifuge spins your blood at high speeds, separating the fluid into red blood cells and concentrated platelet-rich plasma. Your provider then injects you with this plasma concentrate, which is rich in growth factors.

If your regenerative medicine treatment involves stem cells, your provider injects you with mesenchymal stem cells, which have been harvested from healthy donor cord tissue.

​To find out whether regenerative medicine is the nonsurgical solution you’ve been searching for, call Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center today or book a consultation online.